Event Music: Selections and Programming

Picking music for an event can be a lot of work – so let us help you create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion!

Music for Weddings

Here are some of the most popular traditional wedding pieces.

  • Prelude: The prelude establishes the mood, so generally music selections are calm and relaxing. Usually, prelude music is about 15 minutes total, played as guests arrive and are seated.
    • Traditional selections: Mouret: Rondeau, Humperdink: Hansel and Gretel, Bach: Air on the G string, Vivaldi: Largo from Winter, Pachelbel: Canon in D, Handel: Air from Water Music, Schubert: Ave Maria
  • Processional: This music is generally a bit more stately. Most weddings feature two or three processionals – one for the mothers, one for the bridal party, and one for the bride herself.
    • Traditional Selections:
      • For the Seating of the Mothers, generally, the music is similar to prelude music – calm and tranquil. Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring is a popular piece, as are the pieces mentioned under prelude music.
      • Bridal Party: This music is generally a bit grander and majestic than the music for the mothers. Common selections include Clarke: Trumpet Tune, Mouret: Rondeau.
      • Bride’s Entrance: This is the grandest of the processionals. Common selections are Wagner’s Bridal Chorus (“Here comes the bride…”), and Clarke’s Trumpet Voluntary.
  • Interlude(s)Often, ceremonies will have moments of reflection, communion, lighting the unity candle, etc. This music is generally similar to the prelude music. Sometimes more contemporary music fits in nicely here.
    • Traditional selections: Bach: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desire, Schubert: Ave Maria, Elvis Presley: Can’t Help Falling In Love.
  • Recessional: Rousing, energetic, and cheerful music to be played as the bride and groom (and the rest of the wedding party) leave.
    • Traditional selections: Purcell: Trumpet Tune, Handel: Hornpipe from Water Music, Handel: La Rejouissance, Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.
  • Postlude: About 10-15 minutes of music to play as guests exit. Similar in style to the recessional.
    • Traditional selections: Anything from the recessional lists makes great postlude music!

Need more help finding the perfect music for your wedding? Contact us and let us help!

Music for Anniversaries

Here are some our most popular wedding anniversary songs in our current repertoire.

As always, if you have a particular request, we have some great arrangers and can probably make almost anything happen!

In addition to these selections, we also have lots of pop music from a variety of genres and decades. From jazz standards like Birdland, blues favorites like St. Louis Blues, and all sorts of modern and classic pop music we can set any mood for any couple!

Get in touch with us and let us help you find the perfect setlist for you!

Graduation Music

While lots of graduations are using modern pop music, we think that no matter the genre of music you want, a brass quintet is probably the best ensemble for any graduation – indoors or out!

With our extensive repertoire of jazz, Dixieland, and pop music, we can cover just about any genre that you want. If you want the traditional Pomp and Circumstance, we can do that too! Contact us for more details.

Music For Other Events

Unlike some other groups, Small Batch specializes in matching our music selections to your music wishes. Classical, jazz, pop – whatever genre(s) you want, we can do!

Want a brass quintet for your upcoming event? We can help you find the perfect music for grand openings, festivals, graduation, other ceremonies, or even just a party!

Don’t know what you want? We can help you find the best music for any venue or event.