Small Batch Brass

Small Batch Brass


Welcome to the homepage of the Small Batch Brass Band. We are a brass quintet plus drums, located in Louisville, Kentucky. We are dedicated to making great music of every style and drinking great bourbon!

What sets the Small Batch Brass Band apart from other brass quintets?

While most brass quintets specialize in classical music, we don’t! While we love playing weddings and graduations (and we have lots of music to fit those occasions) we specialize in jazz, blues, Dixieland, and other types of pop music. Along with our drummer, we can provide music for any setting – wedding, reception, jazz club, a blues bar, work event, house party – and more!

If you’re tired of canned music and annoying DJs and looking for great live music for your event, contact us to see what we can offer!

What sort of stuff do you play?

You can see a sampling of our wide range of repertoire here. Keep in mind that we’ve got several arrangers as members, so if you have a specific tune you want for your event, we can make that happen!

If you’re not sure what sort of music you may want for an event, we’ve got some suggestions on our repertoire selection and programming page that can help you find just the right music for most any event.

If you’d rather hear us, we’ve got some audio clips and videos on our media page that can give you an idea of our style.

If you have some more questions, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have!